Tangerine Dream, or “Tangie” for short, is a very intelligent cat. She is an
indoor/outdoor girl. She would love to be mostly an indoor girl. She is a loving cat, and loves to play with her toy mice. She is a lap lover, she loves attention. She enjoys water, loves to have her bath. Loves to be outdoors in nice weather, and is a great hunter. She is always eager to please and is a very pleasant girl. She does just about everything on command. She has learned our commands, such as “come to mama”, “lets go”, “dinnertime, yum yum”, “lets go for a walk” lots of others. She is a creature of habit, loves her bedtime, loves her breakfast and dinner at the same time daily. She is very shy, but once she bonds with you and your family she is such a loyal loving girl. She is leash trained, and litter trained.

Breed: Tabby

Birthdate: 12 February 2018